Specialised Restrictive Access

Rope access is a form of work positioning which applies practical ropework to allow workers to access difficult-to-reach locations without the use of scaffolding, cradles or an aerial work platform.

Rope access technicians descend, ascend, and traverse ropes for access and work while suspended by their harness.

Specialised restrictive access is an innovative solution that can be integrated into inspection & maintenance services which allows for increased efficiency and reduced costs.

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Rope Access Services

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    Inspection & Non-Destructive Testing at Height

    Routine inspections and previously inaccessible locations are now achievable through the use of rope access. Locations including but not limited to cargo tanks, chimneys, chutes, crane booms, pipe racks, stacks, vessels & water ballast tanks can now be accessed and included into regular and ongoing Risk Based Inspection campaigns.

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    Pipe Coating Repairs

    Insitu coating mitigation & repairs on live lines through application of Composite Wrapping, Humidur, Rapp-it & Stopaq application assists in corrosion mitigation and extension of plant & equipment life duration.

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    Potential Dropped Object Surveys

    The survey and immediate removal if possible of high potential dropped objects. Whether a legacy from previous work fronts or corroded items becoming a potential dropped object at height, removal of these hazards is a strategy to aid in providing a safe work place for personnel and avoidance of damage to plant & equipment.

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