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Plant & Equipment Maintenance Services including but not limited to Painting, Insitu Pipe Coating Repairs, Rigging & Scaffolding.

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Maintenance Services

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    Providing of safe and efficient blast and painting services can be incorporated into inspection strategies and can serve as follow-up remediation to create protective coatings and add to the extension of plant and equipment life duration.

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    Pipe Coating Repairs

    Insitu repair on live lines through application of Composite Wrapping, Humidur, Rapp-it & Stopaq application assists in corrosion mitigation and adds to the extension of plant & equipment life duration.

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    Rigging, Scaffolding & Other

    Supply of secondary services such as rigging, scaffolding & sheetmetal trades can also be added to support and create an end-to-end strategy from inspection all the way through to repair and reinstatement if required.